The State Museum was established to promote the understanding of the Cultural, Physical and Biological History of the State through the publication of Annual Reports and working with Professionals and Institutions in pursuit of the same goals.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

1916. The Vegetation of the New Jersey Pine Barrens

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1914 Report of the New Jersey State Museum


1912 Report of the New Jersey State Museum

Indexes from 1907-11

1911 Report of the New Jersey State Museum

E. B. Voorhees Memorial
John Bernhard Smith Memorial
Crustacea of New Jersey, H. W. Fowler

1910 Annual Report Of The New Jersey State Museum

Plants Of Southern New Jersey, With Special Reference To The Flora Of The Pine Barrens, Witmer Stone
Systematic Catalogue 
Pteridophyta - Ferns and their allies.
Spermatophyta seed bearing
Class Angiospermae
Order Najadales
Order Graminales
Order Arales
Order Xylidales
Order Liliales
Order Orchididales
Sub Class II Dicotyledones
Order Piperales
Order Salicales
Order Myricales
Order Juglandales
Order Fagales
Order Urticales
Order Santalales
Order Aristolochiales
Order Polygonales
Order Chenopodiales
Order Ranales
Order Papaverales
Order Sarraceniales
Order Rosales
Order Geraniales
Order Sapindales
Order Rhamnales
Order Malvales
Order Opuntiales
Order Thymeleales Order Myrtales
Order Umbellales Series II. Gamopetalae Order Ericales Order Ebenales Order Gentianales Order Polemoniales Order Plantaginales Order Rubiales Order Valerianales. Order Campanulales

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1909 Annual Report Of The New Jersey State Museum

Including a Report of the Insects of New Jersey